Sound In Education

Getting ready to present my new “Sound In Education” online event at eTUG in January. The presentation focuses on Sound Cloud as a content creation tool for online courses through LMS and mobile application:

Sound In Education

The tools for sharing audio online in an educational context are quickly changing for students and Instructors. The ability to use audio clips as a way to enhance lesson plans, quizzing, Instructor feedback, and student self-assessment have greatly been enhanced with accessible audio web tools. One example of a recording, file sharing, and community building site is Sound Cloud. Sound Cloud allows you to start your own audio podcasting channel and share embedded audio files as online course content and discussion posts. Recording directly to Sound Cloud is not the only option, as free software like Audacity allow users access to editing features, special effects and multi-tracking for more sophisticated audio content before uploading content to the Web.

This presentation presents a step by step process for pre-production, production, and delivery of audio content in a learning context.

Contact me if you have any questions, or are interested in hearing more about the presentation at

– John


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