Sound Design Workshops Update

Sound Design/Pro Tools Workshops Available:


Learn about the exciting world of the Sound Designer! This sound design workshop will introduce you to the creative and technical world of Sound Designers working in film, television, multimedia and video games. You will learn about the process to start recording, editing and mixing your own projects today. No experience is necessary and the workshop is great for beginners, all the way to advanced designers.

What does a Sound Designer do?
• The role of the Sound Designer on the production team.
• Sound IS Storytelling – Sound and the Narrative
• How do they make those creature sounds in Star Wars?

• The 6 Layers of Film Sound: Backgrounds/Music/Foley/SFX/SPFX/Dialogue

Tools of the trade – From Audacity to Pro Tools:

What equipment do I need?
• Microphones
• Cables
• Hardware
• Software

What is essential for Pre-Production/Production and Postproduction?
• Record
• Edit
• Mix

• The top resources for Sound Designers on the Web and in print.
• SFX Libraries available on the Web.

Instructor Bio:

John Born has been working and playing as a sound designer ever since he got his first 4-track recorder and microphone in 1991. He is a graduate of the Multimedia Studies Program at UNB, the Sound and Visual Media Program at VFS, and is completing the final leg of his Masters in Education in Instructional Design with a focus on the role of sound in interactive media.
John is actively working in sound for film with his own company Born Audio and is the Instructor of Digital Audio/Sound Design in the Multimedia Studies Program at UNB. Examples of his work and can be found on his Vimeo:

Email: for more information.

In this context, I’m using Sound Design as a blanket term for an overall introductory workshop that makes creating with sound as accessible as possible. I’ve started teaching beginner and advanced Pro Tools workshops, so please contact me if you need assistance in Pro Tools in person, or through desktop conferencing.

born audio

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