Boom Operation quick shot v.1

boom operation

In this picture I’m booming with the Neumann Km 185 hypercardiod. It offers clean dialog in close quarters when you have a controlled location and can get in close to your subject(s). I’ve been booming with the supercardiod Sennheiser ME-66 on my latest interior shoot and I could immediately notice more natural reverb with the ME-66 allowing for a slightly less “vacuum” feel on speech. The supercardiod opens up the sides on the mic pickup and gives more opportunity for room tone reflections with dialog.

I’ve enjoyed the crisp dialog presence of the flat, shotgun Rode NT G3 in my Voice-over work and I want to try the G3 mic in my next interior location shoot…

Attached is a great article on Boom operation from Colin Hart’s Sound Kitchen Blog:
Principles of Boom

– John


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