EarCandy Post (Comments in Pro Tools)

EarCandy Post
EarCandy Post

John Born, Ayaz Kamani, Scott Sanders, María Luz Orozco, Jesse Roger Barden, Perry Robertson

Recently the Sound Design students at VFS were treated to a week of instruction with EarCandy Post designers Scott Sanders and Perry Robertson. One of the things I noticed Scott doing in his Pro Tools SPFX sessions was use the “Comments” feature. I rarely see anyone using “Comments” and having them so forefront in their sessions. I realized how important using this feature would be when designing Sound Design (SPFX), because of the unlimited ways you can end up manipulating Audio Regions in Pro Tools.

Example: Most SPFX would be a combination of multiple SFX mixed together with plugins to create enhanced supernatural/fantastical sounds. To create these supernatural sounds, many plugins and manipulation techniques end up being used quickly as the creative process flows. Track “Comments” are one way to keep organized, so when you close and come back to your session, you have clearly marked details to retrace any and all Sound Design steps.

I’ve started using “Comments” in my SPFX sessions and it has enhanced my organization in Pro Tools considerably.



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