Quick Setup for 702T HD Recording

SD 702T Recorder

Here are some Quick Setup steps for using the SD 702T recorder on set for filming in HD:
(A future post will include setting up with the recommended 302 mixer.)

– Create a New Daily Folder –

* Press Menu
3) Rec: Sample Rate: 48K

4) Rec: Bit Depth: 24bit

5) File Type: .wav poly

6) Rec: Media Select: EXHDD and CS

7) Rec: Scene Name/Number

01A_ *(Example: Scene Number and Letter—01,10,or 01A,10A)

10) Rec: Take Reset Mode
when scene is changed

36) File: Folder Options
Top-Level *(Example Class# and Group#1)
Mid-Level: (Daily)
Bottom-Level: (None)

41) TimeCode: Frame Rate: 23.976

42) TimeCode: Mode: Free Run: User Bits: Enter the Date

69) HD: Record/Stop Bell: Enabled

45) TimeCode: Jam Menu
* Go to Edit Value
Press Edit
Set Current Time (24 hr.clock) *(Example 14:10:00:00)
and press done
* Go to Jam Value
Press Jam

– Input 1 and Input 2
– Stop and Input to Set both Channels
– A1/B2

– SIDE Inputs Center “Line Level” – Center Position ALWAYS
– Limiter
– Low Cut ON

– John


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