Foley artist Jill Sanders

Five- time Emmy award-winning Foley artist Jill Sanders, (aka Jill Schachne) spent the afternoon in my Sound Design and Visual Media program talking about her work as a professional Foley artist in Los Angeles.

Jill started the presentation by talking about some of the historical aspects of Foley, which originated with Jack Foley at Universal Studios. She described her job as an artist who recreates sound effects for TV and Film, using props in a post production studio to add detail and clarity to the production audio recorded live on set.

Jill spent some time talking about her current work on the show “Sons of Anarchy.” She described her very physical job of watching the characters on screen and then creating real time sound effects to correspond to their actions scene by scene. As a Foley artist, Jill is responsible for recreating the footsteps, cloth, and props that a character will perform on stage. This is an important job, because it brings out the depth of a performance and gives it the larger-than-life feel needed for TV and Film.

Jill described Foley as an art form, and mentioned that most of the successful Foley artists are coming into the field with music and dance backgrounds. Jill herself has an extensive background in dance, and she described how her skills with rhythm and timing gave her the edge needed to perform in real time along with the quick movements of the characters on screen.

Fascinating inside look at real-time sound effects creation!

Here is the official post on the VFS Blog:
Foley artist Jill Sanders, (aka Jill Schachne)

– John


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