Creative Inspiration v.1

Charlotte Art Center Performance

Something you can do to develop your own unique style as a designer is to consider exploring outside your normal “design palette.” Read a book on the brain, architecture, geography, look at paintings, photographs, or listen to different music styles. Look at an instructional book on electrical wiring and start asking: How is the instructional message being developed? How does this all come together from idea to product? How would the following painting, or photograph sound if it become a film, or animation? And then start asking yourself, how can I apply all of these things to my daily design work?

As a drum kit player and percussionist, I look to few drummers for inspiration. I try to challenge myself in my musical compositions by exploring paintings, writing, dance, and other artistic disciplines. If you’re a painter, put down the painting books and paint to Jazz music. If you’re a jazz musician, turn off the jazz music and start creating music for a painting. Start looking for inspiration outside your discipline and make it relevant to your own design work. I find this helps me expand my options and keep the Creative Inspiration flowing.

– John


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