Shipwreck Soundscape

Shipwreck Soundscape:

I created this original Soundscape in ProTools using individual SFX from the library at VFS. I composed 4 original drum tracks using the Expand 2 plug-in and an Oxygen MIDI Keyboard. Each SFX track from the library was treated by me using EQ and Reverbs.

My intention was to sonically have a Shipwreck at sea and have multiple characters swimming from the Shipwreck to a Lifeboat. It was important to mix the Soundscape to create a sense of time and space for the characters as they swim from the ship to the Lifeboat a few meters away. The constraint of this project was that the entire story had to be told in exactly 60 seconds.

Shipwreck by bornThinkers

I made a second version of Shipwreck, where I made the following adjustments:
*Some of the coughs sounded unnatural with a hand over the mouth
*Increased the volume of one of the drum tracks that was too low in the mix
*Lowered the volume of treading water, so that it blended in with the wave splashing SFX.

– John


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