Training with Ray Beckett

Here is the link for my VFS blog post:
Training with Academy Award Winner Ray Beckett

Here are some of the Pre Production, Production, and Post Production ideas that Ray discussed with us:

Pre Production:
-Meet with Director – Learn about their Philosophy on ADR
-Production Meeting – Communicate with Post production – Anticipate problems + set working Parameters
-Recces (Location Scouting):
-A presence at all Recces –
-Liason with locations to anticipate sound issues
-Liason with gaffer to establish positioning of the ballasts/generators

Equipment Check : Test all equipment
Location scan of the proposed radio mic frequencies for interference – a range test for any intermodulation between chosen channels.
A sync test using proposed audio flow – looking for any drifting

-Be your own worst critic – Listen to your rushes
-Headphones are important
-Maintain a constant headphone level
-Maintain high quality working relationships
-Flexibility for you and your team on set

-Record Room Tones + Sfx right away if possible
-Boom 6 Feet above peoples heads – starting point and then adjust

-Record Dialogue wild takes
-Meticulous recording of info about takes and meta data as you go
-Prompt delivery of Dailies
-Recording of Atmospheres.

Post production:

-Make contact with Dialogue editors
-Listen through Headphones and through good monitors
-Rustle from Low end frequencies might not be as bad over loud speakers
-Give post sound editors a list of mics used in location sound.
-Try to attend the rerecording session to learn how your Tracks will be mixed.

Here is some of the items that Ray recommended a location sound recordists have on hand for every recording opportunity:
-MK41 Hyper cardioid
-Knuckle Joint
-Putty Scraper
-Gaffer Tape
-Surgical Tape
-Velcro Tape
-Passive transformer

– John


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